Personal and Relationship Coaching

Allow your story to grow

A person-centred approach to the client-coach relationship and the known healing qualities of being seen, hear and understood be another, as well as our human “impulse towards wholeness”; our inherent longing and striving for our more authentic Self 


Psychosynthesis can be described as the psychology of the Self  

– a searching for who we truly are and in doing do so discovering our very own potentials human ‘impulse towards wholeness’ and of the longing and striving for a more authentic and truer experience of Self, recognising the unfolding potential inherent in that.  


 My counselling method is based on the Client-Centred Conversation Method according to Carl Rogers and the  Psychosynthesis from Roberto Assagioli.

The therapeutic relationship is based on an… 

  • appreciative attitude, 

  • empathetic understanding and 

  • authenticity. 


These three elements offer enormous healing power. 

Psychosynthesis offers a variety of creative methods to find and develop one’s inner strengths. 

It integrates the different aspects of the personality and leads to a new, more powerful, energetic self. 

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