Marry with Bella


As a wedding enthusiast philosopher I would be delighted to create a ceremony with you that will make your day unique and unforgettable.

As a bilingual philosopher I would be delighted to create a ceremony for you as unique as you are.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Hooray! …

You have decided to get married. Now you are faced with the decision of how you would like to arrange it … perhaps a free wedding ceremony. But what is that exactly?

What is a free wedding ceremony?

It is already in the word “free”, in the sense that a free wedding is a ceremony independent of the registry office and church. According to your ideas and wishes, you can create your tailor-made ceremony with me. Whether in the open air, in your favourite café or in another special place for you … everything is possible. A free wedding ceremony is not subject to any specifications; you are the architects of the ceremony of your love.

And this is how we proceed …

We start with a non-binding meeting to get to know each other. Once you have decided on me as your speaker, we will have another conversation to develop a concept for your very special day. This is about discovering your wishes and ideas together and finding a way to realise them.

Your shared history – how you met and fell in love, as well as your ideas for your future together – are the source of inspiration for my speech. I will also ask you questions about your thoughts, feelings and motivation to get married. From your answers I will give you a memory album that can remind you again and again of the origin of your love.

Do you wish to make individual vows to each other during the ceremony? I will help you individually to prepare and formulate them.
On the day of your wedding I will guide you through your entire ceremony.

Ein bisschen zu mir

Ich bin mit bilingual Deutschen Eltern in England aufgewachsen und biete daher auch bilinguale Zeremonien an. Studiert habe ich Modern European Philosophy (in London).

Das Konzept einer Freien Trauung haben meinem Mann und ich für unsere eigene Hochzeit kennengelernt. Eine Kirchliche Trauung kam für uns nicht in Frage da wir keiner Kirche angehörig sind. Uns „nur“ Standesamtlich Trauen zu lassen aber erschien uns zu unpersönlich und vor allem nicht festlich genug. Da entdeckten wir die Freie Trauung. Zusammen mit unserer Rednerin haben wir eine wunderschöne Zeremonie geschalten können.

Als eine Freundin mich fragte ob ich ihre Zeremonie leiten könnte und daraufhin mehrere ihre Geste, merkte ich wir sehr mir diese Arbeit gefällt. Und so begann meine Karriere als freie Rednerin.

My offer

A non-binding meeting to get to know each other

The agreement on the framework and the contents and wishes of your wedding ceremony (in person or online, e.g. via Zoom)

All times for communication (e-mail, telephone, etc.)

An intensive preparation talk to deepen your couple story, inspire the ceremonial possibilities and plan your unique ceremony

Preparation and sending of questions for a memory album

Preparation and design of your wedding ceremony through the development of an individual wedding speech developed just for you

The incorporation of symbols / rituals, musical contributions and / or speeches from family members or friends.

Assistance with the wording of your wedding vows

The preparation of a detailed schedule of events

The arrangement and coordination with musicians, photographers and other service providers as well as witnesses to the marriage

The journey to your wedding with sufficient lead time

The execution of your ceremony

Creating and handing over a souvenir album of your free wedding ceremony

Frage mich!

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