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For those of you who are curious as to who I am: my name is Bella Lehmann.

Having been born to German parents and growing up in England, I consider both languages my “mother tongue”. I grew up in a community project designed to include people with and without intellectual disabilities in the south west of England. A community that strives to empower people to grow, learn and achieve together. 

This experience greatly shaped my understanding of the world. Accordingly, questions pertaining to our experience human existence led me to study philosophy and psychology (Master of Arts, London). 

I have been living in Düsseldorf with my husband and our two children since 2014. The experience of the self in the other is the mirror that enables us to know ourselves. My profound interest in people and as such the interpersonal relationships we form with one another, form the basis of my work.

I offer personal and relationship coaching, wedding ceremonies and all manner of philosophical dialogues in both German and English language.


Allow your story to grow

Are you feeling alittle lost in life–you need asympathetic andunderstanding ear–let’s talk about it

Wedding Celebrant

Celebrate with Bella:
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As a bilingual and very wedding enthusiastic philosopher, I would be delighted to create a ceremony for you as unique as you are


Philosophy for young and old:
no matter if you’re 7 or 107 years old

… because philosophy is a celebration of the curious mind                                                                      

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